Exercises For Those with Limited Time

Exercises For Those with Limited Time

We often find ourselves at the end of the day wondering where our time went. It seems that for a lot of us, our schedules are becoming busier and busier. Whether you are single or married with kids, something is always consuming your time. Outside of work you have chores around the house, grocery shopping, taking care of pets or kids who have to go to the doctor or to some event, you may feel that you do not have much time for yourself. You may have the desire to workout and get into shape, but it seems like a far-off hope, you feel that you do not have the time or money to go to a gym. When your kids are older you may have given up on getting into the gym even if you do find yourself with some time for it. There is no reason to wait to better your life with exercise, you do not even need a gym, so here are just a few things you can do to help get you moving during your busy day.

  • Stretching Before Bed

    • Stretching is a great way to relieve stress and tension from your body while engaging your muscles in a way that will help them relax. There are a lot of simple and easy stretches to choose from so you can start out in a comfortable range and work your way up as you become more acclimated. Not only will it help your body feel better but over time it will help you sleep better as it helps put your body and mind at ease.
  • Take Little Walks During Work

    • For a lot of us, our workdays consist of spending most of the day sitting down. Not all of us have the luxury to afford or have the space for a standing desk or small portable treadmill. While we want to make sure we get our work done, it is beneficial to get up and move every so often, and not just to use the bathroom. Choose how often you would like to get up and move and give yourself a timer to help you remember. When it goes off, get up and take a walk around the office, you can choose to do just one lap or more each time you get up. You may also consider doing a little stretching to release tension from you neck, shoulders, and back.
  • Take Little Walks After Meals

    • If you have a little extra time after meals, it is a good idea to use that time to take a little walk. It is a great way for you, your partner, and your kids to get outside for some fresh air and get them moving. It can help reduce feelings of overindulgence and jumpstart your digestive system. If the weather is bad or your job does not really have anywhere to walk outside there are plenty of alternatives for you to try.
  • Dance While Cooking or Cleaning

    • Cooking and cleaning are known for being a bit time consuming and making it seem as though you will not have time for much else. However, you can make both a lot more fun simply by turning on some music and having fun with it. Even better if your partner or kids get in on it too. Allowing your kids to dance with you while learning how to help cook and clean can teach them that chores do not have to be boring. It may even encourage them to want to do more to help, even on their own such as dancing while cleaning their bedroom. Dancing is a fun way to exercise and engage your muscles without feeling like it is an intense workout.
  • Do Some Simple Workouts While You Wait

    • Obviously if you are out in public, you may not want to start doing squats or sit ups in front of everyone but if no one is around, go for it. Whether you are at home waiting on the laundry to finish or waiting on an elevator with no one around, it is easy to pick a simple exercise and get a few repetitions in. Do some squats or wall sits, maybe get in a few lunges, if you are at home where you know the floor is much cleaner you can do some sit-ups or push-ups. Do not forget, you can always choose the stairs instead of waiting for an elevator or walk or bike to a nearby store instead of driving in traffic.
  • Train Your Abs While You Sit

    • Whether you are driving around town, sitting at your desk, or even standing in line somewhere, you can tighten you core as a simple exercise anywhere and anytime. Tightening your abs as much as you can for about ten seconds and repeating a few times is a great way to engage your core. Most ab workouts are no fun, simply tightening your abs is an easy way to get small ab workout without having to change the orientation of your body or equipment.
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