Vidafy and The Gold Standard

Vidafy and The Gold Standard

Vidafy prides itself in meeting a gold standard in production of its products so that we can offer the best of the best. It is for this reason that we are happy to share these standards for all to see.

Vidafy Products are Potent

- With bioavailability 277 times better than untreated curcumin and turmeric powder (AUC 24h) 455 C

- 7 times faster absorption rate

- Confirmed in a gold standard human trial

- Peer reviewed in a scientific journal publication

Vidafy Products are Pure

- Raw material used in products consists of 95% pure curcuminoids

- Nanofy Curcumin has the highest purity method in the industry using 100 mesh filter bags prior to the final product filling and is HACCP compliant

Vidafy Products are Natural

- Biogen: Processed curcumin extract is of 100% natural origin from Curcuma longa plant

- Natural mode of absorption: No piperine is used in Vidafy products as it may cause digestion and stomach issues, such as heartburn, over time and may cause allergic reaction in some users. Instead, we use a biomimetic mode of absorption by natural micelle structure

Vidafy Products are Premium

- Raw material is supplied by renowned manufacturers that are qualified according to ISO 9001

- GMP pharma manufacturing in compliance with ICH guideline Q7 for active ingredients that are regularly verified by TV Hessen.

Vidafy Products are Safe

- Confirmed safe and confirmed safety parameters in 6-week human trial

- Confirmed safe by nutritional scientists based on 3 separate human clinical trials.

- German authority (Regierungsprasidium Darmstadt) issued free sale certificates stating conformity with European legislation.

-Undisputed raw material – non-supply confirmation regarding manufacturers affected by Italian recall in May/June 2019

-GRAS status - Nanofy confirmed generally recognized as safe (GRAS)



Vidafy’s BioMS products, Nanofy and Curcuma Plus are made in Germany and bottled in the USA. Synbiofy is made and packaged in the USA.
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