What is Turmeric?

Turmeric, originating in India, has been used for over 4,500 years in gastronomy and over 2,500 years as a homeopathic herb. In India, it's known as "jayanti," symbolizing victory over diseases. With its wellness benefits, turmeric is considered a sacred plant, representing prosperity and purity.

Benefits Of CURCUMA Plus With BioMS™ Technology:

Vidafy 10 Drops

Just 10 Drops

8-10,000 mg of native turmeric root can be found in just 10 drops of Curcuma Plus. 12 to 32 curcumin capsules contain 1,600 grams (or 500 mg) of turmeric powder.

Vidafy 95% Absorption

95% Absorption

Thanks to our BioMS™ technology, at least 95% of the active ingredient in curcumin metabolite is absorbed by the body, allowing your body to experience benefits almost immediately.

Vidafy up to 24 hours

Up to 24 Hours

Long-lasting all-day and all-night benefits as the curcumin is absorbed via the lipid barrier, thanks to our BioMS™ Technology

Vidafy Healthy Intestinal Functions

Healthy Intestinal Function

BioMS™ promotes healthy intestinal function via its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial technology and combats intestinal dysfunction to provide long term relief from digestive issues

Vidafy Proper Cognitive Function

Proper Cognitive Function

Curcumin shows to promote cognitive function when combined with Vitamin D and to help the body combat degenerative brain function.

Vidafy Normal Liver Function

Normal Liver Function

BioMS™ technology promotes normal liver function with 24-hour-a-day benefits as it is absorbed through the lipid barrier.

Why Choose Vidafy?

Vidafy Life Converted Nutrition


VIDAFY takes all the best elements from ancient tradition, modern science, and the gifts of nature to bring you benefits you won’t find in other products. When ancient wisdom from past generations is combined with modern science, the end result is a product that can help the human body function at its highest capacity. This fusion of worldwide cultural tradition and patented biotechnological innovation allows VIDAFY to maximize all the benefits of our 100% natural ingredients.

Vidafy Traditional Medicine


From hundreds of generations of collective cultural knowledge of root working, herb lore and natural medicine, we have at our fingertips a virtual “encyclopedia” of healing knowledge. VIDAFY respects these traditions and believes they can contribute to the well-being of modern people just as they have been for our ancestors for millennia.

Vidafy Proven Science


Science has given us so many advantages that our ancestors didn’t have; VIDAFY puts these years of research and study to use in integrating biotechnology into our products to supercharge the benefits already present in natural ingredients. BioMS®, our patented nanotechnology developed by German scientists, ensures not only bioavailability but maximum absorption of vitamins and nutrients. This combination of science and nature makes VIDAFY the most potent version of these substances available

Vidafy Natural Ingredients


Our ancestors knew that nature had everything we needed to live long healthy lives. VIDAFY has strived to identify which naturally occurring elements our bodies most need to thrive, and we formulate it so the body can receive the regeneration, cleansing, and nutrition needed.

BioMS™ Technology:

Try VIDAFY with NO risk whatsoever by taking advantage of our 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Try our products for 30 days and return the empty packaging if not completely satisfied to receive 100% of your money back. Our laboratory in Germany has utilized proprietary biomimetic tech that increases the active lipid ingredients in our all-natural formula and their bioavailability by as much as 277x, which drastically improves their effectiveness within the body. Our internationally patented, Allergen-free, certified Non-GMO BioMS™ technology CÚRCUMA Plus is tested and formulated to be completely safe for human consumption.