What is Turmeric?

Turmeric, with its roots in India, boasts a rich history spanning over 4,500 years in culinary traditions and more than 2,500 years in natural healing practices. Known locally as "jayanti," it epitomizes triumph in the battle against ailments. Esteemed for its health-promoting properties, turmeric is revered as a sacred herb, emblematic of wealth and cleanliness.

Benefits of VIDAFY CURCUMA Plus With BioMS™ Technology:

Vidafy 10 Drops

Just 10 Drops

8-10,000 mg of native turmeric root can be found in just 10 drops of Curcuma Plus. 12 to 32 curcumin capsules contain 1,600 grams (or 500 mg) of turmeric powder.

Vidafy 95% Absorption

95% Absorption

Thanks to our BioMS™ technology, at least 95% of the active ingredient in curcumin metabolite is absorbed by the body, allowing your body to experience benefits almost immediately.

Vidafy up to 24 hours

Up to 24 Hours

Long-lasting all-day and all-night benefits as the curcumin is absorbed via the lipid barrier, thanks to our BioMS™ Technology

Vidafy Healthy Intestinal Functions

Healthy Intestinal Function

BioMS™ promotes healthy intestinal function via its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial technology and combats intestinal dysfunction to provide long term relief from digestive issues

Vidafy Proper Cognitive Function

Proper Cognitive Function

Curcumin shows to promote cognitive function when combined with Vitamin D and to help the body combat degenerative brain function.

Vidafy Normal Liver Function

Normal Liver Function

BioMS™ technology promotes normal liver function with 24-hour-a-day benefits as it is absorbed through the lipid barrier.

Why Choose Vidafy?

Vidafy Life Converted Nutrition


VIDAFY merges the finest aspects of age-old traditions, contemporary scientific advancements, and the natural world's bounty to deliver unmatched benefits not found in other offerings. By blending the time-honored knowledge of previous generations with the latest in scientific research, the outcome is a product designed to optimize human bodily functions. This integration of global cultural heritage and cutting-edge biotechnological breakthroughs enables VIDAFY to fully harness the potential of our entirely natural ingredients.

Vidafy Traditional Medicine


Drawing from the vast wisdom passed down through hundreds of generations, encompassing the arts of root working, herbal knowledge, and traditional medicine, we possess what can be likened to an extensive "encyclopedia" of healing practices. VIDAFY honors these age-old traditions, maintaining that they hold significant value for the health and wellness of contemporary society, just as they did for our ancestors over thousands of years.

Vidafy Proven Science


The advancements in science have afforded us benefits beyond what our forebears could imagine; VIDAFY leverages this wealth of research and innovation by incorporating biotechnology into our offerings, amplifying the inherent advantages of natural components. Our proprietary BioMS® nanotechnology, crafted by German experts, guarantees not just bioavailability but also the optimal uptake of vitamins and nutrients. This harmonious blend of scientific innovation and natural essence positions VIDAFY as the premier provider of these enriched substances.

Vidafy Natural Ingredients


Our ancestors understood that nature provided all the essentials for a prolonged and healthy existence. VIDAFY has dedicated efforts to pinpoint the natural components most vital for our bodies to flourish. We meticulously craft our formulations to ensure the body receives the necessary regeneration, detoxification, and nourishment.

VIDAFY BioMS™ Technology:

Experience VIDAFY risk-free with our 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Use our products for a full month, and if you're not entirely satisfied, simply return the empty packaging for a full refund—no questions asked. Our German laboratory employs unique biomimetic technology to enhance the concentration of active lipid ingredients in our natural formula, boosting their bioavailability by up to 277 times. This significant increase in efficacy ensures that the benefits are maximally absorbed by the body. Our globally patented, Allergen-free, Non-GMO certified BioMS™ technology, featured in CÚRCUMA Plus, is rigorously tested and designed to be completely safe for consumption, setting a new standard in health and wellness.