Vidafy Mission

About Vidafy

Vidafy finds its start in 2016 in Mexico while the founders, Shane and Laura Brady, were living there. They wanted to create something that would empower others to take a path towards health and wellness. Vidafy derives its name from the word “vida”, which means life, and “fy”, which means to convert. This inspired the company’s slogan, “life converted”, which is paired with the company’s flower insignia. The flower represents two concepts:

The flower, or circle, of life and our connections to all living things.

The Mauri koru, used in many cultures it stands for new beginnings, peace, and harmony.

Vidafy connects each petal of the flower to one of its Vidafy values, core values that guide the company on a day-to-day basis. The Vision petal represents a focus on the future for everyone, the Integrity petal for authenticity and transparency, the Devotion petal for loyalty, the Action petal for staying goal oriented, the Family petal for a culture of unity and community, and the You petal that shows that everyone can win with Vidafy.


We are an Official Registered Distributor for Vidafy Inc. We are extremely excited to embark on this trip to wellness. After meeting Shane, we just knew we had to be part of this journey to helping people live a healthier life.

VIdafy Map

Where are We Now?

After getting its start in Mexico, Vidafy maintained an organic growth while building a foundation of leaders. With strong leaders and a gathering of product testimonials, Vidafy finally saw some exponential growth beginning in 2019-2020. In 2021, Vidafy expanded into the United States and saw some momentum gain in the third quarter. Now Vidafy can be found in Mexico, the USA, Dominican Republic, and Columbia thanks to new systems, leadership, tools and resources that helped Vidafy grow and scale up.