Vidafy Mission

About Vidafy

Vidafy's journey began in 2016 in Mexico, where founders Shane and Laura Brady resided. Their vision was to establish a venture that would enable others to embark on a journey toward health and wellness. The name "Vidafy" is a blend of "vida", the Spanish word for life, and "fy", suggesting transformation. This fusion gave rise to the company's motto, "life converted", symbolized by its distinctive flower logo.

The flower emblem symbolizes two key ideas: firstly, the cyclical nature of life and our interconnectedness with all living beings; secondly, the Mauri koru, a motif celebrated across various cultures for its associations with renewal, tranquility, and balance.

Vidafy connects each petal of the flower to one of its Vidafy values, core values that guide the company on a day-to-day basis. The Vision petal represents a focus on the future for everyone, the Integrity petal for authenticity and transparency, the Devotion petal for loyalty, the Action petal for staying goal oriented, the Family petal for a culture of unity and community, and the You petal that shows that everyone can win with Vidafy.


We proudly hold the status of an Official Registered Distributor for Vidafy Inc. Our enthusiasm is boundless as we set out on this wellness expedition. Upon encountering Shane, it became clear to us that we were destined to join this quest in aiding individuals to lead healthier lives.

Where is Vidafy Now?

VIDAFY initiated its journey in Mexico in 2016, with Shane & Laura Brady at the helm, having resided there for numerous years. The brand evolved naturally, fueled by product successes and the cultivation of a robust leadership core. By 2019–2020, VIDAFY witnessed substantial growth.

The onset of 2021 marked VIDAFY's expansion into the USA, with significant momentum building in the third quarter as the company scaled up through the introduction of new systems, tools, resources, and leadership strategies.

Today, VIDAFY is a beacon for those harboring entrepreneurial ambitions. With plans for global expansion over the next 3-5 years set to be remarkable, you don't require experience, significant influence, or a vast network to succeed. A mere willingness to transform your life for the better can set you on the path to achievement.

VIDAFY's wellness solutions and entrepreneurial programs are now accessible in Mexico, the USA, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Europe, with plans to enter additional markets soon.