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An Invigorating Blueprint for Entrepreneurs Craving Greater Liberty and Enjoyment!

Forged through two decades of insight, the Simplify Plan merges the most profitable and vibrant features from the top-paying compensation strategies, historically distributing billions in earnings. Initiated in 2016, this blueprint has established the groundwork for our 12 Streams of Simplified Income detailed below!

12 Pathways to Streamlined Earnings

At the heart of Vidafy lies the belief that everyone possesses the innate ability to achieve the life of their dreams — be it for personal fulfillment, family prosperity, or community betterment. Whereas some ventures demand significant initial capital, or others might take extensive time to yield significant profits, we've refined the journey into straightforward, easily replicable stages. Delving into the Vidafy compensation structure reveals a variety of rewards awaiting you, including commissions, advancement bonuses, exclusive trips, leadership pools, lifestyle enhancements, and beyond.

Customer Earnings

Earn up to 50% from Retail, WellnesShip and Preferred Discount Pack orders.

WellnesShip Triple Bonus

For every three new personally enrolled WellnesShips that process you'll earn a $50 Bonus

Startup Bonus

Earn up to $120 for every Entrepreneur Startup Kit you personally enroll.

Startup Triple Bonus

Earn a $120 Bonus for every three Startup Kits you personally enroll.

Achievement Rank Bonus

Earn a one time bonus up to $250,000 for achieving certain milestones.

Rapid Achievement Bonus

Earn double the achievement bonus in a certain period of time.

Startup Global Pool

A monthly bonus based on global startup kits purchased

Lifestyle Rank Bonus

Earn up to $10,000/month for repeating a level of achievement every month.

Generational Royalties

Earn a monthly percentage of those who have achieved the same level.

Generational Leadership Bonus

Earn a monthly bonus from generations formed by leaders in your business at Premier or above

Diamond Global Pool

Diamond Executives earn a share of global sales each month.

Vacation Club

A loyalty based travel program open to all Pro Entrepreneurs and above!

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With a a simple system to earn additional or full time income from anywhere in the world!